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Dan Iliovici, Rombet: “The iGambling market is the Big Bang of gambling industry”

IGambling market is considered by expert voices, the most dynamic sector of the gambling industry. This opinion is supported by the representatives of Rombet association who believe that with the introduction in 2015 of the new legislative framework, Romania has become the most exciting and dynamic gambling market in Eastern Europe.

„In the light of all the information we have collected ,by participating in various internal and external events and initiating discussions with leading players, I can say that the online environment is, currently, the „ Big Bang „of the gambling industry. And any development strategy of the operators, Romanian or foreign, will have to include this direction,“ says Mr. Dan Iliovici, senior vice president of Rombet.

The new legislative framework allowed online gambling operators to obtain licenses and permits to be able to offer gambling services on the Romanian market. “In their efforts, some of them have received constant support and advice from Rombet, and later became members of our association. Thus, Rombet currently has members working in this area. The same support enjoyed other members of Rombet -incumbents (land-based) in our country, who have chosen to take the step to the online environment,“ said Rombet VP, Anchidim Zăgrean.

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  •   30 septembrie
  •   Rombet