Transparency, unity, action

A united gambling market – the Rombet credo

In an industry often misspercieved and that hasn’t known much unity, the new Rombet Association aims at radically changing things. Rombet has big plans regarding an open and more intense dialogue with the state authorities from this field, clearer laws and uniformly applied, discussed at large with everybody involved, a more professional gambling market and closer to European alternatives, a transparency never known in this field in Romania, the removal of any force actions that may target the market at some point.

"We need a correct and uniform legislation that should stimulate competition, a correct and impartial monitoring, stability and predictibility, without the fear that any investment in the field can be „nationalized” anytime by legislative action or by a favorable behaviour towards the state capital as opposed to the private one”, thinks Dan Ghiță, the Rombet president. "I believe wonderful things can be accomplished in this field and I am convinced that slowly, but surely, we will reach that level of professionalism close to the foreign one. In order to do this, we need the help of the National Office for Gambling – the organism that "watches" over this industry – and a prompt and correct participation of the field representatives. Rombet will be the "refresh" that is so much needed in the relations between the business environment activating in this field, the appropriate institutions and the market that perceives us far from the truth. We will engage in dedicated actions, we will appreciate transparency by presenting information as honest and detailed as possible", he added.

Hence, any operator activating on the gambling market, with no exceptions, is welcomed in Rombet. In this way, all members will have a unique representative, with all the power and representing force gathered in one association that has all the knowledge, the experience and the possibility of a quick reaction in any situation.