Transparency, unity, action

In UK, the gambling industry is the fifth contributor to the state budget, and the first five businessmen of this area were granted the Sir title by the Queen. In Romania, we are somehow anathematized, as if we are activating on the grey market, almost the mafia. I don’t think that here the gambling is less fiscally regulated or less respectable. It is just a little less transparent. Among the things that should be quickly rectified is the public perception. I am glad to join the Rombet professionals.

Marian Alecu, Rombet Member of Honour

The gambling industry, the one that represents over 0.7% of GDP and generates jobs for almost 40 000 people, needed a supporter as well. We believe that Rombet will bring that new and courageous momentum that we’ve all been waiting for some time now. We are lacking, above all, unity – a united gambling market will be stronger and respected, as Dan Ghiță well says and believes. We are glad to be among the first members of the Rombet association, to work together from the very beginning for a gambling market that we all dream of.

Sacha Dragic, Superbet