Transparency, unity, action

The Board of the Rombet Association is composed of president - Dan Alexandru Ghita and vicepresident - Zagrean Anchidim.

Dan Alexandru Ghita - presedintele Rombet

Dan Alexandru Ghiță - President of ROMBET Association

“More important than what you want to do is to know how to do it”.

Dan Alexandru Ghiță – the President of ROMBET Association – has gained experience on the Romanian gambling market since 1998, after finishing his studies at the Electronics Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, and after also being granted a degree in Business and Investment Management at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. In 2012, he became the general manager of the Romanian Lottery.

Anchidim Zăgrean - Vicepresident of ROMBET

Anchidim Zăgrean - Vicepresident of ROMBET

Anchidim Zăgrean is the vicepresident of ROMBET, with a large experience in the gambling industry, where he is active since 2000. As a chartered accountant and tax consultant, he closely follows all aspects of the law which regulates the activity of gambling in Romania and provides professional opinions and reviews.

Bogdan Coman - Executive Director

Bogdan Coman - Executive Director of ROMBET

With a rich activity in the gambling industry, which he joined once graduation from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bogdan Coman contributes to the good work of the Rombet Association through the experience of planning and organizing activities in the field of gambling. He built national projects, led complex teams, and was responsible for meeting performance indicators in the companies he worked for or collaborated with.

Narcisa Matei - President Assistant

Narcisa Matei - President Assistant

Narcisa Matei occupies the position of President Assistant and has been a part of the ROMBET team since the creation of our association. Besides this activity, Ms Matei maintains a permanent relation with all the members of the association, employees, representatives of public institutions and also with the media. Narcisa is, every time, the initiator and promoter of ROMBET's activities and public events.