Transparency, unity, action

Member Advantages

In short: become a member so that you can be part of the great transformation of the gambling market, so that you can finally count, so that you become stronger and better than ever.

We, the people of Rombet, believe above all in unity, in a united gambling market that will function as a whole and will autimatically be stronger and more respected. "The Romanian gambling market lacks a unitary action, the legal provisions are not, as well, applied in a unitary manner. And the industry, by not being united, is fragile when confronted with any force actions that may occur", thinks Dan Alexandru Ghiță, the president of Rombet. Together we will be better, but each of us will also gain:

  • All members will have a unique representative, with all the power and representing force gathered in one association that has all the knowledge, the experience and the possibility of a quick reaction in any situation

  • All members will have in Rombet a defender in case of possible abusive state controls

  • Through Rombet, all members will make their voice heard during the discussions concerning the gambling laws – they will say their oppinion related to those already in effect and will be able to propose new regulations.

  • All members will be able to enjoy a different level of professional competence on the gambling market – Rombet will specialize and perfect its members in the association’s fields of interest, will organize professional formation courses and will promote apprenticeship in this field

  • Through Rombet, all members will have a broader access to market infromation and will be able to capitalize them easier.

  • The members will be promoted and supported in scientific events (conferences, symposiums, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, workshops and other type of events) locally and abroad, in the fields of interest

  • Rombet will organize events in the interest of the association’s members

  • All members will benefit of the easier access to information regarding studies, research, scholarships, jobs, formation courses or daily information in the fields of interest

  • Rombet members will receive help for solving possible social problems

  • Rombet members will have their own club for meetings and discussions, but also a special web page where their activity, products or services will be presented

  • Rombet members will see their products promoted on internal and external markets, since one of the purposes of the association is entering new markets

  • Rombet members have, of course, a very important say in the association – they have the right to vote and will be able to run for management positions