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ROMBET - The Association of Gaming Organizers–was founded in February 2014 by professionals willing to transform the Romanian gambling market in a very transparent one, close to the European counterparts. 

Through its entire activity, ROMBET supports the principles that consisted the basis of the association foundation: maintains a permanent dialogue with the Romanian and foreign authorities on gambling regulations, takes part in important industry events, establishes partnerships with globally renowned entities – for instance Remote Gambling Association (RGA), a strong international association of online gambling operators. 

Also, the ROMBET associations, through the voice of its president, Dan Alexandru Ghiță, always expresses its oppinions and beliefs every time the mass-media approaches subjects from the field of gambling. A better communication, a permanent dialogue and transparency in the relation with the press are some of our basic principles. 

ROMBET is part of the Advisory Council to ONJN – The National Office for Gambling, the institution with regulatory, authorization and control attributions of the Romanian gambling industry. Due to the experience and expertize of its members, the Rombet association is an important partner for all the directly and indirectly involved institutions of the Romanian gambling.

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