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Gambling as entertainment

Gambling must be an entertaining activity, to help us take a breather, to challenge ourselves and have fun for the sake of amusement.

This is why gambling was invented and this is how it should be known henceforth.

Recently, more and more time is spent talking about the importance of the responsible gambling in this industry, just to prevent and solve those cases where the players seem to have forgotten the initial purpose of the gambling and are about to or have already lost control over it.

In Romania, ROMBET – the Association of the Gambling Organizers – is deeply concerned about this sensitive issue and works on projects that are meant to help the affected people or the ones who are vulnerable.

Almost everyone who is now addicted starts telling themselves that it is just a matter of time until they have hit the jackpot. They are playing all their savings, their relationships and even health condition will be soon damaged.

In order to have this painful and dangerous process be stopped on time, it is extremely important that all people suffering from gambling addiction be aware of certain simple rules that will bring them into the safe area of the responsible gambling. Here are a few recommendations made by the specialists at the Responsible Gambling Council Ontario, whose opinions can be read on their site,

Do not ever believe gambling as a way of making you rich – it is not healthy at all to compare yourselves to gambling. Regard gambling as an entertainment. After all, all types of gambling follow the same principle, namely that some players lose and others win. The ones that are prone to gambling addition will tell themselves that they belong to the category of winners. And this thought will constantly feed their condition. This is the reason why it is so important to change how we compare ourselves to gambling, to look at it as just recreation.

You always play only the amount that you can afford to lose – in other words, a sum of money that you would spent it anyway for entertainment, going to the movies or going aut. Never play your savings, or the money you need to pay rent, bills, bank loans, etc.

Do not ever play just to recuperate your losses – as a rule, this plan is never taking you anywhere. Forget about the movies and the spectacular twists of actions, scenarios, because it rarely happens like that in the real life.

Set a maximum amount for gambling, which you should not exceed – before getting caught by the euphoria of the moment, take some time and think objectively of how much money you can afford for this type of entertainment. When that amount has been reached, stop there. If you have won, enjoy it bur remember before betting again that the good luck is like the pot that goes to the well but it will break at last.

Set a maximum period of time that you will spend gambling – It is not at all alright to lose the run of time when you are at the casino or in other gambling locations. Do apply the same rule as above – when you have reached the time limit, stop yourself.

Avoid to go gambling when you are upset or depressed – it will be rather difficult to make reasonable decisions when your spirits are low; in other words, do not get involved in such activities when you are down in the dumps.

Gambling and alcohol do not make the best friends – whoever is gambling while under influence can take decisions that they will later regret; the best thing to do is to say no to this type of entertainment.

Rombet will not stop here with the series of the articles under the topic of responsible gambling. We are looking forward to the comments and suggestions of anyone interested to be sent to our email address: office[at]

This article was originally published by Rombet in Casino Life and Business Magazine no 59/2015

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